Your opinion counts' - Last element of participation in Niederanven (LUX) achieved with child participation

Last Friday, the final element of public participation took place as part of the Plan Directeur for the Kazenheck - Op de Wolléken construction area. Our planners accompanied a station of the station run "Experiencing nature with all senses" of the 5th and 6th classes of the primary school "Am Sand" in Niederanven. The children worked enthusiastically and showed how they imagine the parks and squares in the new building area.


Currently, we are working on the evaluation of public participation. The results will be presented in a small exhibition in the Administration Communale Niederanven and also documented in a citizens' report.


The citizen's report will be presented to the politicians on 18.09.2018. All interested citizens and in particular those who took part in the events are cordially invited.


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