Exhibition opening: Kazenheck construction area - Op de Wolléken: Citizen participation, Niederanven (Lux)

The opening of the exhibition on civic participation met with great interest among the citizens of Niederanven. In a full community hall, many familiar faces from the citizens' workshops were satisfied with the results they had worked out together. In general, the community has also received much praise for its proactive participation.

To the exhibition itself: The immediate measures that were directly incorporated into the Plan Directeur are depicted on 4 theme posters. In addition, there are long lists on which all suggestions of the citizens can be viewed with comments of the municipality. A citizen's report summarises all the results and can also be downloaded from the municipality's homepage:

Download the citizen's report here


The exhibition is open to the public until 20.11.2018 in the municipal administration in Niederanven.

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