Restaurant in railway station building, Luxembourg (LUX)

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Interior design

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Redesign and overhaul of existing restaurant including kitchen in listed railway station building

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CFL Immo S.A.

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gfa 1,203 m²

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project Redesign and overhaul of existing restaurant including kitchen in listed railway station building client CFL Immo S.A., Luxemburg (LUX) (subsidiary of the state CFL-Group) services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) / Trier (GER) architecture / interior arch similar to HOAI LPH 1-9 in coorperation with civil eng. InCA Ingénieurs, Niederanven (LUX) technical eng. RMC Consulting, Luxemburg (LUX) rendering renderwerk, Inzing (AT) gfa 1.203 m² ufa 824 m² gv 9.023 m³ start of planning 05/2016


Urban surroundings and target groups

As part of the redesign of the railway station forecourt (tram and bus terminal), the station restaurant will contribute to the desired enhancement of the station quarter by embodying an attractive focal point. The objective is for it to be a bright and friendly locality with a welcoming atmosphere that attracts and caters for not just travellers and walk-in customers, but also local and business people.

The two-phase upgrade foresees a design featuring an industrial character reminiscent of the railway company, in a contemporary interpretation that highlights the various eras witnessed by the station.



The main entrance to the restaurant is located directly on the station forecourt, immediately adjacent to the entranceway into the great hall of the main railway station. The restaurant is divided into various zones, boasting a large, open-plan dining area able to seat approximately 170, as well as a separate lounge area, a service area with bar and grill – providing a glimpse into the open kitchen – and a cake counter. A takeaway area, which can be accessed from the station hall and also serves as a side entrance to the restaurant, further complements the services on offer. All additional ancillary rooms used for catering purposes are located in the basement. 

The terrace, which looks out onto the station forecourt, has room to seat a further 80 guests – amidst all the hustle and bustle.



The chosen materials reflect the eventful history of the railway from its early days to the present. Timber, steel, glass and leather are used for the interior fittings. In a contemporary interpretation, these simple and high-grade materials reflect their historical use as dictated by the industry. The colour design is derived from the CFL colour range.

Plank flooring – which would have been present in the former station restaurant – and oak fixtures give the premises a warm atmosphere. The use of wood is a nod to the crafts industry, to the building material that was used for the sheds and drawbars as well as to the stately fitout of the waiting rooms and wagons. The steel used for the counter is reminiscent of one of the most important materials of the railway and stands for the outstanding building characteristics of this material, which was used in locomotives, wheels, tracks and the support structures of halls, etc. The existing walls will be taken back to their rough exposed masonry, which once painted white will provide a bright and clear backdrop for the furniture. The leather-covered chairs evoke the interior design of the historical trains. A particular visual highlight is the centrally suspended ceiling featuring part of the historical floor plans of the old as-completed drawings. Industrial brass lamps, in a nod to the lighting of the former station hall, the workshops and the engine sheds, lend a particular charm to the room and visually enhance its zoning.



The use of state-of-the-art technology makes for a very welcoming atmosphere. Influential factors in this respect include energy-efficient ventilation, good acoustic measures as well as sophisticated lighting featuring daylight fittings with atmospheric light scenarios that adjust to the day-night rhythm.

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