Module Réfugiés, Sanem (LUX)

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Residential housing in a modular design

Client :

Administration des bâtiments publics

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gfa 1320 m² & 660 m²

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Realisation :

02/2016 - 09/2016 & 11/2016 - 03/2017

Assignment :

complete architecture services

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project Residential housing in a modular design client Administration des bâtiments publics (public company) complete architecture services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER)

Construction of two new accommodation units in Sanem (LUX) gfa 1.355 m² gv 4.790 m³ start of planning 03/2011 realisation 03/2016 completion 08/2016 © Pictures Levygraphie Design And Pictures / Bâtiments Publics

Construction of a new accommodation unit in Millebach, Luxembourg (LUX) gfa 660 m² gv 2.395 m³ start of planning 05/2015 realisation 11/2016 completion 03/2017  © Fotos Linda Blatzeck Photography


The housing module providing refugee accommodation for “demandeurs de protection internationale“ (“applicants for international protection”) is based on the results of a feasibility study carried out by WW+ in 2015 in response to a commission by the Luxembourg State. Given that no actual building site was specified, the objective was to develop a flexible, modular system, which could be adapted to various parameters, e.g. requirements regarding the number of people, construction type, various topographical features and potential specifications as a result of different land-use plans.
The result is a modular, additive system, which can in each case accommodate 33 individuals. Several living units can be combined to create an urban ensemble. The structures are designed in such a way that they can be erected in timber or steel or else using conventional construction methods. This allows for a high level of flexibility when selecting potential manufacturing firms, with the timber or steel construction options enabling a high degree of prefabrication and maximum modularity.
Different roof and façade design options provide for an individual adaptation to different regions and localities. The number of storeys can vary between two and three full floor heights. This allows for an individual reaction to existing specifications as a result of local land-use plans. The modular construction type provides for an erection both on a flat terrain and in topographically difficult locations.

Based on a grid of approx. 4.6 x 4.6 m, various use modules can be combined with one another. By adding to this grid, various building sizes are possible. A central corridor and double staircase ensure surface-reducing access. Sanitary and cooking facilities are centrally located and for communal use. To avoid social tensions, a fixed number of living units has been assigned to a corresponding number of sanitary and cooking facilities and communal areas.
The living units each measure 18 m² and can house three individuals. Privacy is ensured through a room divider, which separates the individual sleeping areas from one another. The sanitary facilities with showers are separated by gender and also have a base size of 18 m². Robust materials and a sold construction method allow for a later change of use, for instance as a youth hostel, a boarding house, a scouts’ home or similar.
At present, WW+ architektur + management Sàrl has been commissioned with the planning and realisation of several of these living units in various municipalities throughout Luxembourg. The first living accommodation is due for completion in Sanem in late August 2016 and will feature a timber frame construction. Two additional structures, also featuring a timber construction, are already in the advanced planning phase, i.e. in the functional tender phase. A suitable location is still being sought for further living accommodation.

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