"Neue Mitte" Schweich (GER)

The site plan process of the four new building complexes in the center of Schweich is ready to launch after the desired modifications on the part of the town. At the corner of Brückenstraße and Bernhard-Becker-Straße, new residential and commercial spaces shall be established in the form of four building complexes with terraced stories over a surface of 5000 square meters.


The core idea of the design, for which WW+ had won the first prize in the related competition in 2014, has been to give greater weight to the geographical center of the town and to build a liaison between the historically grown shopping streets and the more recent areas of the town. The quality of stay in the center will be upgraded through the creation of a new square, which offers space to stroll and relax. Between the four discernible buildings, a big planted courtyard will be installed.


The procedure related to the development plan is currently in process, at the same time, the urban development contract is being negotiated. A building permit could be achieved in one to two years, according to mayor Lars Rieger.

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