"My neighborhood. My desires" Presentation of the citizen's opinion in the town hall Esch sur Alzette (Lux)

This Wednesday evening, December 5, the consultation of the city's residents on the revitalization of the city centre and rue de l'Alzette ended with a public presentation of the results. Mr. Mischo, the mayor of the city of Esch, presented the citizen's report prepared by our office. On almost 100 pages, the citizens' report describes the participation process carried out from May to August and highlights the results. 250 ideas and proposals for measures were collected and recorded.

15 measures will already be implemented in 2019. These include the stronger greening of the centre, a sensitisation campaign on the subject of cleanliness and the optimisation of the parking guidance system - to name just three.

The other proposed measures will now be reviewed for feasibility (technical, legal, planning, financial). If this review is positive, the measures will be implemented in the medium and long term.

Finally, Mr Mischo presented the new bench, which will be placed on the town hall square and at other points in the town centre, and the new "Esch sur Avenir" label, which will highlight all the measures implemented as part of the revitalisation process.

If you would like to know more about all these proposals, you can download the citizens' opinion yourself by clicking on the link below.

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citizen's report download here


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