The city of Esch is ready for the sunny summer days: official inauguration of Enzo and Twins seating furniture

On Tuesday 7 May, in the presence of the Mayor Georges Mischo and the Council of Aldermen, represented by Mr. Kox, Mr. Zwally and Mr. Knaff, the City of Esch officially inaugurated 20 Enzos and 6 Twins, which from now on invite you to stay in the city centre on the Town Hall Square and in the Rue de l'Alzette.


As part of the "mon quartier, mes envies" citizens' participation procedure, which took place in the summer of 2018 to revitalise the city centre, many criticised the lack of attractive and additional seating and play elements on the Town Hall Square and in the Rue de l'Alzette with regard to the quality of the stay in the centre. The placement of the Enzos and Twins seating furniture (by PPAG from Vienna) on the Town Hall Square and in Rue de l'Alzette is one of a total of 15 immediate measures. The measures will be implemented in 2019 in order to react quickly to the identified weak points.

The flexible and temporary nature of these measures is important. After all, it should not be limited to short-term solutions: At the same time, the city of Esch is developing a development concept for the city centre in order to establish long-term solutions for revitalisation. From 2023, the reconstruction of the pedestrian zone based on a competition is planned.


An invitation to sit, lie down and play

With the Enzos and Twins, the city of Esch reacts to the results of citizen participation and thus creates a...

... flexible seating and reclining options

... creative play options

... more quality of life in the city centre

... more colour in the public space



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