Town hall, Zell an der Mosel (GER)

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Architecture competitions

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Realisation competition with ideas part of the construction of a new office building for the community administration of Zell an der Mosel

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Verbandsgmeindeverwaltung Zell an der Mosel

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gfa 3.500 m²

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01/2017 - 04/2017

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project realisation competition with idea component new construction of a service building for the municipal administration of Zell an der Mosel (GER) contracting authority municipal administration of Zell an der Mosel architecture all service phases WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) gfa 3.500 m² gross cubic content 10.750 m³ competition phase 01/2017 - 04/2017


I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg



The available build parameter lies in the north of the village Zell, which sits right on the Moselle river. The characteristic feature of this project is its relation to the Moselle and in particular the latter’s flood levels, but of equal importance is the tax office, which lies opposite the site in question, and the views it enjoys of the Moselle.

In terms of traffic, the area is accessed through Schlossstraße from the south, which becomes Corray at the level of the site. There are pedestrian connections from the Moselle side, which is also where the cycle path runs.


Urban gallery

The effect of the plinth, which extends around almost the entire building, is a “city balcony”, the building’s main feature. This is a result of the site being located partly at the flow level of the Moselle, and the first usable floor consequently having to be at a height of at least 99.5m above mean sea level.

The building’s Z shape is the result of its connection to the existing structures in the south and the creation of a forecourt. This allows for a visible and tangible address for the site’s surroundings, leading to an urban development enhancement and creating value for all the residents of the area.


Functional solution

The concept for the municipal administration is a three-storey building structure with an underlying underground car park, which – in the idea component - can be extended. Out of consideration of the surroundings, a reduced height was opted for, to create an optimal riverbank atmosphere, particularly towards the Moselle.

The architectonic concept foresees a compact building form in a bid to reduce built-up surfaces in favour of a green setting. The building’s clear form and structuring provides its users with an optimal sense of direction.

The choice of materials and the energy concept are deliberately focused on fewer materials that are durable and sustainable. This scaling down to just a few materials with robust durable surfaces ensures a low environmental impact. These materials are easy to care for and maintain their appearance over a long period of time.

Generous glass surfaces allow for a myriad of views – both in and out – and create a flowing transition between the building and the landscape. The scaling down of the construction and development to just a few authentic materials results in a discreet and timeless aesthetic.


Administration building

From Schlossstraße, which is also where the bus stop is located, citizens can directly access the large and bright entrance area of the administration building on the ground floor via a ramp or steps.

The entrance area accommodates the waiting area for the central citizens advice office and from here other specialist areas are also accessed. The same level houses the very open conference room and the wedding ceremony room as well as additional offices belonging to specialisation area 2: citizen services.

Inside, a generous staircase and a lift connect the ground-floor foyer to the two upper storeys. An airy space also creates a spatial connection between all the levels, its varied perspectives ensuring the interaction between the storeys.

This spacious hallway, which accommodates an archive space but also a meeting point for all the offices, is surrounded by the remaining specialist areas and – on the second upper floor – by the staff room with kitchen.

The entrance, meeting room and reception area for citizens/visitors feature generous window openings, to capture the views to the outside landscape. On the upper floors, narrow high windows make the building appear more elegant and slender and thus blend beautifully into the surroundings. Here too, windows at the end of the hallways incorporate the landscape.


Underground car park

The underground car park is accessed from the west and in the competition part foresees 29 permanent parking spaces and an additional 4 optional parking spaces. In the idea component, 17 parking spaces are foreseen. From the car park, the administration building can be directly accessed via a staircase or a lift or else via the entrance from the Moselle side. It also houses a utility room, bicycle parking spaces and an animal shelter for abandoned animals.

In the event of a flood, an emergency exit is foreseen in the south, in the direction of Schlossstraße.

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