Ortszentrum "JongMett", Junglinster (L)

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Neugestaltung der Ortsmitte "JongMëtt", Junglinster

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Adminsitration Communale de Junglinster

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3,4 ha

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1. Preis

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Project rearrangement of the town centre of Junglinster awarding authority Community of Junglinster (public) planning WW+ architektur + management (LUX), Wich Architekten / Terra Nova, (GER) area size 3.4 ha gross volume 36.750 m³ construction costs 20.500.000 € (incl. VAT) of which 8.500.000 € (incl. VAT) for exterior design scope of work project management, phase 1-5, feasibility study, Plan directeur and PAP start of execution middle of 2011 completion 2019 competition 1st price

.... stroll from one ,square’ to the other and would discover a different view in each gap ....


Architectural concept

The town centre has always been the place of communication and public life. Animate lanes, promenades, squares and parks are indicators for an intact, active and vital urban life. Stay, establishing contacts and – not least – consumption are essential conditions for this. For this reason the question arises, which factors are promotive for such a development and by which method of planning they can be realized in the context of design and evolution of the town centre of Junglinster. Therefore our design principle follows the superior draft approach, as a reaction to the existing overall urban planning situation. There we see the chance – but not a „must have“ – of further urban development of the entire town. The skeletal structure of the concept consists of a square sequence, which reaches from the „Kirchplatz“ in the North over the „Junglinster Platz“ and the „Kulturplatz“ in the young Middle to the large fairground at the „Centre d’intervention“ in the industrial area „Laangwiss“. An essential part of this band is the Rue Hiehl, which is rebuilt to a town promenade, and the new municipal park („pocket park“) affiliated in the east.

In the area of this urban development axis the „Ernz Noire“ is excavated, recultivated and accompanied by the water promenade in the west. Close to it is the new residential area, located between the new, large „Junglinster Platz“ in the centre and the (also new) „Kulturplatz“ at the youth and culture centre in the southern area of the competition zone. The two new squares are moreover stations of a panoramic route, which encloses the „jong Mëtt“ and leads via flights of steps in the west into the countryside. The concept „JONGmëttLËNSTER“ enables a wide range of utilisations for the young population that is proportionally strongly represented, pursuant to the age structure of the municipality.

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