Milvus & Lanius residences for senior citizens and people with reduced mobility in detail, Junglinster (LUX)

The Milvus & Lanius residences in the new centre of Junglinster "JongMëtt" comprise 37 apartments for senior citizens and people with reduced mobility. The building ensemble fully meets the requirements of the "Design for all!" label.

The lifts and wide access corridors are suitable for wheelchair traffic. Each floor, as well as the entrances to the apartments, have different colours to make orientation easier for the visually impaired. The handrails of the access stairs are provided with "Braille". Largely dimensioned markings help the residents to find their way around the building. The apartments can be adapted to the needs of the residents by changing the respective living situation and the severity of any impairment with just a few changes.


Here is an excerpt from the jury's commentary.

 “ ……All has been planned according to the principles of the charter "design for all". Furthermore, it's going to be a meeting place for all people, regardless of their reduced mobility. They will have the opportunity to rent a flat and equip them with their own furnitures. All paths can be passed in a wheel chair and the corridors have been designed in order to help all people get to their own flats designed according to the "design for all" standards. By the way, flats are equipped with bathrooms and kitchens especially designed for the targeted people….”

Read the whole commentary.


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