Center Guillaume II, Luxembourg (LUX)

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Office + Business

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Competition for the enlargement of the town hall Centre Guillaume II

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Administration Communale de la Ville de Luxembourg

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project Competition for the enlargement of the town hall Centre Guillaume II contracting authority Administration Communale de la Ville de Luxembourg planning WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) - Tatiana Fabeck Architecte (LUX) cost of construction 15.000.000 € (TTC)


The project tends to a reserved and mellow change regarding the new structures and in connection with the renovation of the existing. The concept for the creation of Guillaume II is inspired by the past and ties up to the existing. Considering the centuries, the building site and its history have guided us to the elaboration of the architectural concept. Having hosted a monastery for franciscan nuns in the 17th century, with a convent and a church, the actual project is linked to this past. A historical analysis helped us to understand the existing structure. A chronological transformation throughout the years is illustrated on the billboards. Inside the block of houses a huge curbed wall constitutes certainly one of the oldest elements still existing, it certainly used to be an outside wall of the former monastery church. Over the years, the buildings A and B were attached to this structure and make that the existing plan is quite confused. This is exactly why we revalorised this wall and made it to the heart of the project. As a contrast to the wall stands a huge space for interior traffic. The openings give the opportunity to have a visible link between the building C to the patio.

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