Opening of the National Library Luxembourg (L)

With a festive ceremony in the presence of prime minister Xavier Bettel, minister for public works François Bausch, minister of culture Sam Tanson and library director Monique Kieffer, the National Library of Luxembourg (BnL, Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg) has opened its doors on 30th September 2019.


After an intensive construction period of five years the biggest library of the country is from now on open for the public and is thought to create a new cultural center of encounter on Luxembourg's Kirchberg.


The interior design of the monumental building is bright and modern, and presents itself to its visitors on a surface of 8.570 m2 on four floors. About 200.000 documents and books, stored in open, freely accessible shelves are able to be consumed on site. The halls, seats and working spots invite to remain, read and study, thanks to their functional furnishing.


The building offers its visitors a big media library, conference and workshop rooms, as well as a cafeteria. In the non-public part there is the five storey archive, which hosts the rest of the total inventory of 1,8 mio media on 12.000 m2.



Architecture/Design, landscape planning: Bolles+Wilson (D)

Architecture/Execution Planning, tendering documents, site supervision: WW+ (L/D)


Fotos: ©Christian Richters











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