Upgrading of town centers Contern and Moutfort (L)

The development of the municipality of Contern is continuing. A master plan for the towns of Contern and Moutfort has been created by WW+ in collaboration with Schroeder & Associés and Ernst + Partner, in order to define the identity of their respective village centers. 


This had been preceded by participative citizen workshops and a survey, in which the needs and remarks of the residents had been gathered.  The results were assembled in a public report, which reflects the propositions of the inhabitants including details for planned implementation.


The project manifests itself through a master plan model, which demonstrates the initiatives for the development of the town centers visually. The master plan involves topics like mobility, functions, urbanism and public spaces. It defines the design objectives as well as the related measures for the municipal territory to be taken.





view Project CONTERN

view Project MOUTFORT

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