School and Maison Relais in Leudelange (LUX): Phase I

The construction of Phase I is close to finalisation. In this building section, the school canteen with integrated teaching kitchen, a production kitchen, rooms for the educational staff, a library as well as four class rooms are located. At the moment, its 'core piece', the glass entrance hall with integrated indoor playground is getting completed, the joinery installs the build-in furniture and the building services take care of the final arrangements.


The use of the facilities by the pupils will start after the Easter break. However, the building as such will be put into operation earlier, in order to be fully functional for everyday's school life. It means, that test-cooking is done in the kitchen and all technical facilities are set into operation.


The anticipation is thus rising equally among the kids and the educational personnel.


(Architectur in collaboration with Team 31)

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