Redesign of the town center, Leudelange (LUX)

In the context of its urban evolution, we are accompanying the Commune of Leudelange as part of the planning team in several projects for over a year now. The aim is to ensure a consistent development of the town together with a high quality of life.


Through citizen participation, the ideas and needs of habitants have been gathered regarding four different topic areas (mobility, public space, habitat and livability, functions). The results of two participatory workshops have been published in a report, which includes immediate mesures, as well as mesures to be implemented on a longer-term.


To conclude the participation process, a presentation of the concept of the center's development took place in December, which allowed all participants to follow the impact of their propositions and to get an idea of the future Leudelange. In February, the master plan has been unanimously approved by the local council.


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