Kulturhaus Schouweiler, Dippach (LUX)

The construction of a new cultural center in Schouweiler, Rue de l'Eglise, has been voted past Friday by the majority of the municipal council of Dippach. The versatile venue for festivities and cultural events provides a festival hall with a retractable stage on the ground floor which can host up to 200 people. A kitchen, a serving counter, sanitary facilities and wardrobes are also foreseen on this level. On the ground floor a second generous hall is planned which can be used for weddings or local council meetings.


The covered forecourt offers space for outdoor events, such as festivities on holidays or a Christmas market. When necessary, this area can also be exploited as additional parking space.


The cultural center will be built to passiv-house standard, with a structure made of concrete and wood. On the southern side of the main building as well as on the planted canopy, photovoltaic systems will be installed.

The start of the construction works is planned for spring 2021.

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