Brasserie K116, Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX)

The Brasserie K116 on the site of the Kulturfabrik Esch is opening its new exterior area. Located directly in front ot the restaurant building, the additional terrace offers a new point of attraction for a varied public. Modern, large-sized parasols have been chosen which offer, among sun protection, also LED light and a heating system for cooler evenings. Creative flair is added by the 124m2 big floor painting of the local artist Jo Malano, which integrates the new outdoor area of the restaurant perfectly into the concept of the cultural center of the Kulturfabrik Esch.


The redesign of the terrace represents the first step of the plannned renovation of brasserie K116. The works foreseen for the upcoming year include the enlargement of the kitchen, as well as a delocation of the bar area.


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