Music School, Lüdenscheid (GER)

The structural work for the new music school in Lüdenscheid has been successfully completed and the volume of the three-storey building now blends in physically with the centre of the neighbourhood and the overall urban structure.


The next milestone of the shell of the building will soon be reached: the roof sealing work is nearing completion and by the end of the year a large part of all windows should be installed so that indoor plastering work can begin at the beginning of 2021.


Although the planned laying of the foundation stone in spring and the closing ceremony at the end of autumn were cancelled due to the corona restrictions - a time capsule was nevertheless installed, so that a festive opening can be expected for future generations.


The project designed by WW+ was the result of an international realisation competition which was won. Our office is supported for the execution by the local office KKW.

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