Finalisation HAUS BEI DER KOR, Pétange (LUX)

We are pleased to announce the completion of an extension to the "Maison Sociale" completed in 2015 on behalf of the municipality of Pétange. The extension was already considered in the original conception and has now been followed up due to the growing need for space.


The extension, designed in timber construction, provides the necessary additional space for the social office on the first floor. The two upper floors offer space for other municipal administrative units, such as the "Département de l`Urbanisme". The addition of a further storey to the existing administration building, which is also of timber construction, completes the extension.


The design of the newly created interior spaces is largely based on the materiality of the existing building in order to provide all users with a coherent and harmonious working atmosphere. Viewed from the outside, the extension with its pre-patinated, vertical wood strip formwork contrasts with the existing building, which is clad in white, large-scale fiber cement panels.


The municipality of Pétange deliberately opted for the sustainable timber construction method and thus for the resource-saving, renewable raw material wood. The energy characteristics of the building correspond to the fulfillment parameters of the passive house construction method.


In the selection of the building materials used, the focus was on low-pollutant, healthy materials. The building is equipped with a central ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery, which guarantees a continuous, constant indoor air quality to enable concentrated work and to offer a high feel-good factor.

A photovoltaic system in combination with a green roof is placed on the flat roofs.

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