Pacte logement 2.0: Accreditation as "Conseillers Logement"

We are pleased to announce that two representatives of WW+ from the project development and process support department have been accredited as "Conseillers Logement" after a multi-stage application process by the Ministère de Logement and Myenergy. This advisory body for municipalities is being created during the relaunch of the Pacte Logements 2.0 and is an important component for the creation of affordable housing in Luxembourg.


We are particularly pleased to be recognized as Conseiller Logement, as WW+ has been working for sustainable, innovative, and affordable housing in Luxembourg since its foundation in 2003. As the Pacte Logement is being relaunched, we are convinced that we can make a valuable contribution to municipal housing with our many years of experience and multidisciplinary approach of municipal project development and process support, urban planning, and architecture.

We look forward to exciting new projects and experiences!

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