Pavillon Schouweiler, Dippach (LUX)

The restaurant-pavilion project in Schouweiler was approved by a majority of the Dippach municipal council on Friday, 11.06.21.


The idea of the project stems from the reflection on the landscaping of the park in the heart of the Schouweiler district. The pavilion represents a place of relaxation and leisure for the inhabitants of the municipality and its surroundings.


The modern and reduced architecture with timber façades and load bearing structure, integrates fluidly into the surrounding nature. The generous glazing of the dining room supports this fusion between nature and architecture. All secondary functions such as the kitchen, bar, sanitary facilities and technical areas are grouped along the closed rear façade and thus offer sufficient space for the guest room, which faces the park. A glazing between the kitchen and dining area makes it possible to experience the preparation of dishes. A terrace with a view of the also newly designed nature-oriented playgrounds offers, together with the guest room, almost 50 seats for visitors of the park.


We are very happy about the new restaurant location in the idyllically situated park in the heart of Schouweiler.

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