Competition Inclusion Hotel, Wiltz (LUX)

As part of a competition in the form of a multiple commission by COOPERATIONS, WW+ produced a design for the inclusion hotel "Leisure Resort Kaul". The Kaul site, at the northern end of the town of Wiltz on the edge of the Ardennes forests, was chosen to house an inclusive hotel in connection with the existing campsite and swimming pool. The new hotel is intended to be a place of relaxation, sharing, but above all inclusion and cohabitation.


In our design, the reception area with the "Place du Marché" forms a public meeting point, which should welcome not only hotel guests, but also guests of the neighbouring campsite and residents of the town of Wiltz. An open kitchen, where people can prepare their own breakfast in the morning or cook together in the evening, offers space for creativity and exchange in the preparation and consumption of meals. The programme also provides for an academy where internal professional training can take place, but also external trainings, workshops can take place.


The hotel rooms are nestled high up in the buildings in the form of small cottages reminiscent of tree houses. On the upper two levels, they thus enjoy optimal views and tranquillity. The houses, built in timber frame construction, are completely clad with wooden slats. They are supported by piles on an underground concrete base. In keeping with the idea of a circular economy, recyclable and reusable materials were used in the design.



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