Presentation Masterplan Remich (LUX)

End of September 2021 the Masterplan "Réimech 2035" was presented to the public, as a result of the citizen participation "Zesumme liewen. Zesumme beliewen Réimech" which took place in 2018.


The Masterplan proposes an urban planning vision for an area of approximately 11.6 ha, including the 'um Gréin' car park, the 'op der Millen' area, the southern part of the Esplanade, the Place de la Résistance, the Place Dr F. Kons and the Rue de Macher.


The parking concept planned in the project allows to free up strategic surfaces to enhance the town-centre. The masterplan thus includes the construction of a hotel, coworking offices, housing and a vegetated silo car park organised around the new Gréin Park, the installation of a covered square and a modular water mirror on the Place du Dr. F. Kons, as well as new housing, cafés and an extension of the town hall on the Place de la Résistance.


The project also includes an enhancement of Macher Street and the redevelopment of the southern part of the Esplanade with many new attractive leisure functions.


It is envisaged to develop the projects resulting from this urban vision between 2022 and 2035.


Photos and Livestream of the event




Sketch 1: Place Kons ©WW+ / Ernst und Partner

Sketch 2: Place de la Résistance ©WW+ / Ernst und Partner

Sketch 3: Park Gréin ©WW+ / Ernst und Partner

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