Top 50 Callwey Awards, Le Quai Steffen (LUX)

The restaurant 'Le Quai Steffen', located in the train station of Luxembourg City, was selected for the short list Top 50 of the Callwey Award in the category 'The most beautiful restaurants and bars 2022'. Around 100 submissions were reviewed this year by the jury in Munich for the restaurant award. The interior design award for the German-speaking region focuses primarily on gastronomy design, concept, innovation and ambience.


The winners of the various categories will be announced in March 2022 during the Internorga fair in Hamburg.


For the interior design of the Luxembourg restaurant, wood, black steel, glass and leather were used, among others, which are historical materials of the Luxembourg railway company, and which give the establishment a bright, warm and pleasant atmosphere. A large open-plan dining room offers about 100 seats. A separate cocktail lounge area, a service area with bar, rotisserie and beefer are completing the concept.

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