Citizen information event Cité Jardin, Niederanven (LUX)

On Thursday evening, 20.01.2022, the citizens' information event on the planned extension "Cité Jardin" in Niederanven took place. The planned extension includes the areas of Kazenheck, Op de Wolléken and Streuobstwiesen.


The focus was on the presentation of the adjustments in the Plan Directeur, which had been incorporated as a result of a citizen participation process initiated by the municipality and accompanied by WW+ in 2018. Improvements in the conceptual areas entitled "Transition of new and existing buildings", "Water management", "Mobility", "Local supply", "Open space" and "Construction site phase" were presented.


At the event, a step-by-step presentation was given of how the comments from the 2018 public participation were incorporated into the Plan Directeur and the PAP. This included various aspects, such as how to minimise the impact of the construction phase on the existing population.


Likewise, the improvements that will result from the development of the Cité Jardin for the existing residents were outlined, for example through the extension of the existing sewerage and path network or through the improvement of existing landscape spaces. In addition, the PAP procedure, the overall timeline for the project and the immediate steps to be taken were explained in more detail.


Afterwards, there was room for questions, which resulted in a constructive exchange with the citizens present.



Watch the replay of the live stream



Photos: © WW+, Commune Niederanven

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