Training and Assignment "Conseiller Logement" (LUX)

Following the successful accreditation of two representatives from our Project Development & Process Design Departments as "Conseillers Logement" (see here) by the Ministère du Logement and Klima-Agence (form. Myenergy), we are pleased to announce that the associated training course of several months has also been successfully completed by Luc Wagner and Marc Hillesheim.


In the multi-part training, the Ministère du Logement and as well as other other ministries and administrations (MMTP, MECDD, AGE etc.) taught the basics of the new Pacte Logement 2.0, fields of application and the tasks of a Conseiller Logement.


The tasks of a Conseiller Logement include supporting the municipality in the preparation, elaboration and implementation of the "Plan d'Action Local Logement" (PAL), providing basic advice on the implementation of measures to create affordable housing and assuming a mediating role between the state, the municipality and the private sector. Furthermore, a Conseiller Logement carries out an annual monitoring of the PAL and the implemented projects for the creation of affordable housing in the municipality.


We are pleased to have already been commissioned by six municipalities as Conseiller Logement and to be able to make a valuable contribution to the implementation of Pacte Logement 2.0.


Photo: © Ministère de Logement

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