Parking garage Martyrs 'Rousegäertchen' (LUX)

The "Parking des Martyrs", a multi-storey car park located at the "Rousegäertchen" in Luxembourg City’s Quartier Gare, is currently undergoing redevelopment and remodelling work. Following a fire in 2019, the decision was made to both refurbish and modernise the building.


Taking on the architectural side of planning, WW+ bases its concept on the idea of a covered access suitable for people with reduced mobility as well as various renovation measures, including ventilation, safety technology, and lighting. The aim is to create an appealing multi-storey car park, in the spirit of a "design for all" concept, which is both barrier-free and technically state-of-the-art. To ensure this, an entrance suffused with light gives way to two passenger lifts (also capable of taking along bicycles). Moreover, the car park will feature electronically controlled ventilation as well as a parking space detection system providing visual assistance.


Phase 1 includes cleaning work, further pollutant and fire remediation. Phase 2, from late-2022 to mid-2024, will be dedicated to structural work, interior fittings, and technical repairs. Once the conversion is completed, 362 car parking spaces and 25 bicycle parking spaces will be available.

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