Cornerstone ceremony "Fagus" residential complex, Junglinster (LUX)

An important milestone has been reached with the laying of the foundation stone of the 2,350m² "Fagus" residential complex, as one of the final building blocks of the urban development project underway since 2019 within the new "JongMëtt Lënster" town centre.


The foundation stone was laid on the 16th of May in the presence of Mayor Romain Reitz, the Alderman and Municipal Councillors of Junglinster, Housing Minister Henri Kox as well as representatives of the planning teams and enterprises involved.


The housing project includes nine flats in an apartment building called "Ciconia" ("stork") on the ground floor of which is a physio-geriatric day care centre for the elderly. The project also includes two units in a multi-family house and six single-family row houses, which round off the residential ensemble. 


The entire project is being built to the passive house standard and as a hybrid construction in wood and concrete. The municipality attaches particular importance to an economical, ecological and sustainable construction. The flats with energy class A-B-A and houses with A-A-A / A-B-A, will be connected to the district heating network and offer advantages for residents and the environment with green roofs. A Primehouse certification as well as a related Lenoz certification, the Luxembourg sustainability certificate, class 3 are being sought.


This project also stands out on a socio-political level; the municipality of Junglinster enables people, who are not yet home or flat owners to purchase their own home. The housing allocation to interested buyers is carried out according to elaborated criteria of the municipality of Junglinster.


We are looking forward to the construction progress and a targeted completion in April 2024 of this new element in the context of the JongMëtt development project, and together with the municipality of Junglinster and all project partners, to creating a valuable place to live for the future residents.


Link to Sales Brochure by the Commune

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