Enquiry Colloquium Open Space Design Competition, Rue de l'Alzette (LUX)

In the context of the open space design competition "Rue de l'Alzette and adjacent city-centre areas", WW+ held an enquiry colloquium on the 30.06.2022, to which all offices chosen through the participation selection procedure in May 2022 were invited.


During the event, the participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of the competition area and the significance of the project for Esch's city centre during a comprehensive tour of the site. Participants were also able to ask questions about the content.


In addition to WW+, expert planners for mobility and technical infrastructures from the office Schroeder et Ass. as well as experts from the city administration of Esch-sur-Alzette were present to answer questions. The majority of the judges also attended the colloquium.


We are pleased about the successful event and the constructive exchange between all participants. We are looking forward to the designs of the offices participating in the competition, Papaya & chorablau, Förder, club L94 & BEST, HDK Dutt & Kist and Ernst+Partner!

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