Inauguration of the Music School Lüdenscheid (GER)

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of August, the doors of the new music school on the Staberg in Lüdenscheid, where 1.800 music students now find their new home, were officially opened.


The large multifunctional hall, comprising around 200 seats, as well as the chamber music room and a variety of other rooms, were inaugurated with a comprehensive musical performance. The following open day, during which the residents of the city of Lüdenscheid were able to see the interior of the new music building, was also well attended.


Along with our partner office KKW Architekten, based in the hometown of the music school, a building was created with over 20 practice and teaching rooms, two large group rooms, a room for percussion instruments and a multifunctional event hall, which also due to its acoustic qualities housed a musical experience on the inauguration weekend.


The concept we have developed emerged from a competition won in 2016. It was important to us that this three-storey building fits into the urban space both in terms of its height and in its urban context. The spacious foyer, flooded with light and an opening towards the old town, serves as the main entrance and inner address of the new music school. The clear façade, with its simple and geometric concept, also represents a desired reference to Lüdenscheid's old town. Overall, the building respects and at the same time shapes the urban space of the city of Lüdenscheid and offers those who play music in it sufficient space to live out their musical lives.


The new building of the music school was financed by subsidies within the framework of the "Integrated Action Concept IHK Old Town" and thus strengthens Lüdenscheid's Old Town as a proven cultural and educational location.



Voices & press comments on the new building project:

"This is a lighthouse project of the urban development program and I am pleased that this showpiece is now being filled with life…" (Matthias Reuver, City of Lüdenscheid, Department of Youth/Education/Sport)


Former mayor of the City of Lüdenscheid Dieter Dzewas praised the efforts of all those involved in the realization of the building project. Despite all challenges such as the pandemic, the flood event in 2021 as well as the current construction price development all of them contributed to the fact that the announced schedule and also the budgetary requirements were met.


The director of the music school, Katja Fernholz-Bernecker, describes the new building as "something very special" and spoke of an "epochal event", furthermore this is "a place where music becomes pure pleasure", she thanked for "the sensational cooperation".

(Lokal Direkt)



© Photos 1-2: Stadt Lüdenscheid

© Photos 3-5: Alexander Ring


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