Results Open Space Design Competition, Rue de l'Alzette (LUX)

In the context of the open space design competition “Rue de l'Alzette and adjacent city-centre areas” WW+ organized the jury meeting on the 13. and 14.10.2022, where the three most convincing entries were selected from the works received. Together with jury chair Christa Reicher, WW+ moderated the event, which was attended not only by the 13 jurors but also several experts from the departments concerned and from the office of Schroeder et Associés.


As it was already made public in the press conference on the 18.10., the office Papaya (Esch-sur-Alzette) in collaboration with chora blau (Hannover) with their entry "Esch kommt in Schwung" have been announced winners of the competition. The jury, in particular, stressed the simplicity and timeless suitability for everyday use of the concept. The second and third winning design came from the offices HDK Dutt & Kist (Saarbrücken) and Förder Landschaftsarchitekten (Essen). All the competition entries convinced with their extraordinarily high quality, which demonstrates that they have dealt intensively with the targets of the competition document.


We are pleased about the successful conclusion of the almost two-year competition process, as well as the intensive engagement and constructive professional discussions during the two-day event. All designs will be presented to the public from the 28.10.22 on in the city hall of Esch.

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