How do inner city shopping districts become vibrant? A Conference in Esch by CLC (LUX)

The question of the future of urban retail was central to the conference organised on the 17th of November by the Luxembourg Confederation of Commerce (Confédération luxembourgeoise du commerce - CLC) in partnership with the town of Esch in the former premises of H&M (Rue de l'Alzette). Our managing director Luc Wagner presented the revitalisation project of the town centre of Esch. Besides him experts from various fields came together to present their analyses of the development of the retail sector.


The revitalisation project of the town centre of Esch included an extensive participatory process. Citizens were involved through various formats such as a survey, district walks and workshops. A further integral part was the collaborative conception of the vacancy management program CLAIRE, whose name is derived from "Concept Local d'Activation pour la Revitalisation Commerciale d'Esch".  Also the Pop-Up Store in Rue de l‘Alzette and the organisation of the Open Space Design Competition for the redevelopment of the pedestrian zone were initiated.


At the end of the conference, the main topics for future retail were discussed by Luc Wagner, Carole Muller (CEO Fischer & President CLC) and alderman Pim Knaff in a round table moderated by entrepreneur Marco Houwen.


Photos:  © CLC

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