Citizen participation for new town square, Junglinster (LUX)

Since 2019, we have been accompanying the municipality of Junglinster in the urban project development for the new city center "JongMëtt". The last buildings of the second phase of the project are currently being built. In the ongoing third and final phase, the focus is on the development of a usage concept for the central square at the current bus station, where various interests of future use meet and the main axis of the municipality runs.


Here, the active involvement of the community's residents is also in the foreground. Thus, in October 2022, they had the opportunity to inform themselves about the current status of the project in two workshops, but also to actively contribute their own ideas, wishes and visions for the design and revalorisation of their local center.


At the Centre Culturel "Am Duerf", around 60 participants engaged in a dialogue with the representatives of the municipality and other experts. A team of moderators from our office accompanied the discussions. The numerous participants pointed out several possibilities for the future use of the central square, which is to become a place where all generations can come together.

All the ideas from the workshops will be gathered in a citizen’s report and serve as a basis for the development of the final project. The results of our collaboration will be presented in the near future as part of a final presentation.


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