Citizens' workshops Bridel town centre and online participation, Kopstal (LUX)

WW+ is currently supporting the municipality of Kopstal in a comprehensive participation process consisting of both an e-participation portion and an in-person portion.


Within the framework of the e-participation, an online survey on the quality of life in the municipality of Kopstal was developed in order to obtain an impression of the population's opinion on important spatial development issues. Subsequently, ideas, wishes and needs of the citizens for the redesign of the Bridel town centre will be collected in an in-person workshop procedure.


Within the online survey, all residents of Kopstal and Bridel could give their opinion on the topics of "service infrastructure", "public space", "housing and living environment" and "pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic & public transport". It is a low-threshold service and answering the questions only took about 20 minutes. The interactive survey included multiple choice and open questions as well as questions where respondents can draw on the map themselves to share their local knowledge, make suggestions or mark specific places in Kopstal or Bridel.


We are looking forward to the results of the survey, which will be presented to the citizens at a later stage as part of the overall process. The two workshops on the redesign of the Bridel town centre, which form the second part of the participation process, are taking place on 04.03.2023 and 11.03.2023.

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