Citizens' information evening on Programme d'action local logement, Kayl (LUX)

The municipality of Kayl has already been an active and dynamic player in the creation of Logement Abordable (affordable housing) for years and therefore since 2022 also participates in the second funding period of the Pacte Logement.


In an intensive, dialogical process, WW+, in its function as Conseiller Logement, worked out the so-called "Programme d'action local logement (PAL)" with the municipality. The result of the collaboration was presented at the beginning of March in the presence of Housing Minister Henri Kox and with the participation of interested citizens during an information evening at Schungfabrik Tétange.


In the coming years, the PAL will serve the municipality as a strategic target system for implementing needs-based Logement Abordable and continuously improving the quality of life in the municipality of Kayl. In a further step, the PAL will now be officially passed by the Municipal Council of Kayl, thus initiating the second phase of the program.


Given the significance of Logement Abordable we are particularly pleased with the successful completion of this important phase of the Pacte Logement. For more information on the PAL of the municipality of Kayl, see:


Photos:  ©Daniel Fragoso/Black Magic Tea


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