Citizens' information event - development of the Kayl-Nord building area (LUX)

The community of Kayl is on the move. As a development focus of the Minett, the community would like to lay the foundations for sustainable growth in the coming years. One focal point here is an approximately 28 hectare green area in the north of Kayl, which is still used for agricultural purposes today. This is where the Kayl-Nord quarter is going to be built over the next few decades. The new village quarter is intended to provide new high-quality, affordable housing in a natural, liveable environment.


Due to the special local and national significance of the Kayl-Nord district, it was important for the municipality to provide information and to actively involve the citizens in the planning process on relevant issues at an early stage. Early involvement enables the municipality and the planners to draw on "local expert knowledge". In addition, concerns and worries of the citizens can be identified early on and used as an opportunity for improvement for the planning.


On the 25th of May the current planning status of the "Plan Directeur" was presented to about 150 interested citizens of the municipality as part of an information event at "Schungfabrik" Tetingen. This was the conclusion of a first information week for the development of the Kayl-Nord building area. More details can be found in the following news article:

Information week on the development of Kayl-Nord


Simultaneously to the information week an online participation was started through which citizens are thus given the opportunity to use a crowd-mapping tool to locate their questions, suggestions for improvement as well as other comments concretely in the plan. At the end of this process, the results will be published. Based on the results, citizen workshops on certain topics will be organized in coordination with the municipality, if necessary.


It was gratifying to see that this first citizens' information event was well attended and that there is a lively interest among the citizens of Kayl for the development of their neighbourhood. WW+, as a supporter to the planning process and citizen participation, is looking forward to the next steps of the development of the Kayl-Nord building area.


Further information about the Kayl-Nord project can be found under the following link:



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