Redesign ISL Libraries (LUX)

As part of the redesign initiative for both the Upper and Lower School library of the International School of Luxembourg (ISL), we are delighted to announce the completion and opening. 'Well being by design' served as the foundation for this transformation.


The Upper School project involved also the comprehensive renovation and technical modernization of the library, including its atrium, now transformed into a vibrant social center (“ISL connect”). Our chosen Urban Landscape concept guided the redesign. Zones with different purposes, such as study and conference rooms, a cozy book club café, and a multifunctional space in front of the library support the students in their daily learning routine while enhancing the school experience for them.


Thereby streets connect various areas of the library, squares form reading corners, parks serve as large teaching zones, and buildings act as bookshelves. Inspiring murals, colorful seating, and sustainable design elements complete the overall concept.


Photos: ©Linda Blatzek

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