Investor competition in bidding consortium with architects, Junglinster (LUX)

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competition organization

Project :

Investor competition in bidding consortium with architects

Client :

Administration Communale Junglinster

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Area :

ufa 0,5 ha

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Realisation :

05/2017 - 09/2019

Uses :

Living, business

Assignment :

Competition organization and support

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project investor competition in bidding consortium with architects project client Community of Junglinster (LUX) planning services WW+ organization and supervision of competition total surface 0,5 ha start of planning 2015 realisation 05/2017 - 09/2019 winner Steinmetz De Meyer architectes urbanistes, Luxembourg (LUX), Tracol Immobilier, Sandweiler (LUX), 3D renderings Steinmetz De Meyer architectes urbanistes, Luxembourg (LUX)


Short description of project

The municipal council of Junglinster is developing a new town centre covering a surface area of approximately 3.84 ha and characterised by a development mix. The objective of a balanced development is to involve various players of the real estate industry in the development of the planning area, such as:

  • private building contractors;
  • property associations;
  • developers and investors;
  • state housing corporations;
  • the municipality itself.

For part of the project, covering some 4,900 m², the concept foresees a high-quality new use of the land in the form of a house-courtyard structure consisting of apartment buildings and terraced houses above a common underground garage. Possible uses include housing as well as complementary uses such as premises for liberal professions.



The investor competition was put out to EU-wide tender and in a bidding consortium with architects. The main feature of the competition was that it featured two phases: as part of the application process, the preliminary assessment jury reviewed the submitted applications in terms of form and content. From the applications that met the criteria, five bidding consortiums were selected at random and invited to participate. Further consultations were held with said bidders and an inspection of the competition land was organised. The processing phase resulted in design submissions by the five bidding consortiums, which were assessed by the judging panel.


Project management service WW+

The project management services provided by WW+ in the context of the competition’s organisation and management can be divided into the following areas:

  • competition organisation and preparation
  • publication of procedure
  • organisation and management of jury
  • accompaniment of participants during the processing phase
  • publication and documentation of results

The main part of the organisation and preparation phase consists in content and form preparation and publication of offers. For this purpose, a suitable process was defined and structured, and a competition programme was formulated in close consultation with the municipality and the OAI procedure advisors, containing the planning objectives and competition task.


A unique competition

The competition is unique in that on the one hand the designs were assessed on the basis of various evaluation criteria, relating to the architecture and the use concept (quality, integration into surroundings, functionality, etc.). On the other hand, the sales prices of the plots and the residential dwellings were factored into the evaluation, whereby the purchase price of the plot was to be particularly high and the sales price of the net floor space particularly low. An essential component in this context was a real estate analysis of the competition plot so as to determine the sales price necessarily targeted by the municipal administration, as well as the feedback with the overall business plan of the JongMëtt town centre.

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