A brand new section on our website: "We like art"

Since many years we support the artistic work by spreading the work of artists in the form of a limited edition of a New Year's greeting. unds. So far, Raphael Gint (L), Françoise Ley (L), Bodo Korsig (D), Jo Malano (L), Chikako Kato (JP), Andre Haagen (L), Britta Deutsch (D), Alessadra Leone (IT), Horst Schmitt (D), Moritz Ney (L), Herbert Lauer (D), Achim van de Vlugt (L), Dieter Haag (D), Michel Geimer (L), Nico Thurm (L) have participated with outstanding works.

In the new section on our website Office / “We like art” or by clicking on the attached pictures you can see the great work of the artists for our office.

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