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Mélanie Humbert (LUX), 2022-2023

Born in 1989, Mélanie Humbert is a self-taught visual artist based in Luxembourg. Her works are primarily characterized by bold, minimalist, and abstract figures, which are expressed through a wide variety of high-contrast colour concepts and colour blocking. The colours are bright, expressive, and full of life. The majority of the colours are mixed by the artist herself in order to create unique, colourful nuances.


Ben Carter (UK), 2021-22

Born in England 1977, Ben spent 6 years in Malawi, East Africa (1979 – 1985), then moved with his family to Luxembourg, where he went to the European School for several years. From 1989 to 1996, he attended Millfield School in Somerset, England. Ben successfully completed his GCSE including 3 A Levels in Art, Design and Technology and Business Studies.


Frank Jons (LUX), 2020-21

Born in 1964, in Boulogne-Billancourt France, Frank Jons has lived and worked in Luxembourg since 2001. With a diploma in accounting and financial studies in hand, but a passion for painting since his childhood, he decided in devote himself fully to painting in 1996.


Daniel Mac Llyod (LUX), 2019-20

Professional street artist born in 1995 in Luxembourg. Grown up, always having a brush or a pencil in hand, his fascination with colour, material and forms took a hold already in his early years. Inspired by an exhibition in a small contemporary art gallery in the South of France, he started painting on canvas and got his work to a more professional level.


Raphael Gindt (LUX), 2018-19

Raphael Gindt has been involved with street art in all its forms since his childhood and became a professional freelance artist at the age of 19. Born in 1993, the artist is known for his creative use and his interweaving of various styles and techniques. For the design of his works he works both expressively and surrealistically.


Françoise Ley (LUX), 2017-18

Born on 04/04/1977 in Luxembourg.

After studying literature and history in Freiburg, Germany, Françoise began intensive studies at the European Academy of Art in Trier (D) (2005-2006). Since the end of 2014, Françoise has been working as a professional artist in the 1535°, a creative centre in Differdange, Luxembourg


Bodo Korsig (GER), 2016-17

Bodo Korsig was born in Zwickau in 1962. His artistic work is mainly concerned with sculptures and spatial installations. In his art, he places a special emphasis on the thematization of human behavior patterns under extreme conditions.


Jo Malano (LUX), 2015-16

Born in Esch-sur-Alzette in 1995

Studies: "Fachgebundene Hochschulreife Bereich Kunst und Audiovisuell" in Luxembourg.


Chikako Kato (JP), 2014-15

10.12 1973 born in Hokkaido, Japan. Lives and works in Trier.

Chikako Kato's works require on the one hand a very close look on the part of the observer in order to grasp all the details, but on the other hand are also convincing in their overall view as a well thought-out composition. The overarching theme is resistance, without which no communication is possible.


André Haagen (LUX), 2013-14

Born in 1938 in Luxembourg (LUX)

Member of the "Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg" (LUX)

Study : Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles (BE)