Chikako Kato (JP), 2014-15

10.12 1973 born in Hokkaido, Japan. Lives and works in Trier.

Chikako Kato's works require on the one hand a very close look on the part of the observer in order to grasp all the details, but on the other hand are also convincing in their overall view as a well thought-out composition. The overarching theme is resistance, without which no communication is possible.

Resistance in the physical sense as an electronic component can therefore also be found as a recurring element in her paintings. Smallest technical beings applied in subtle painting technique on monochrome primed picture carriers want to be deciphered.


Exhibitions and public events


  • "Blue Blue TUFA Trier (DE)
  • Contemporanea-Gallery of Modern Art, Oberbillig(DE)
  • Espace mediart (LU)
  • "One room one frame "Galeie Neuesbild (DE)
  • "Memory & Forgetting" Cinna bar, Texas (USA)

2014 Ramboux Prize, City Museum Simeonstift City of Trier

  • "Experimental" City Gallery Markdorf (DE)


  • " look!" State wine-growing domain Trier (DE)
  • "ad hoc II" TUFA Trier (DE)
  • "stronger than fear is hope" Gallery Schmalfuss Berlin Contemporary Fine Art Berlin (DE)


  • Contemporanea-Gallery modern art, Oberbillig (DE)
  • "Experimental " Cultural Center Stars, Thayngen (CH)


  • "L'art en marche", convent by the angel, Luxembourg (LU)
  • Espace mediart Luxembourg (LU)


  • "L'art en marche", convent by the angel, Luxembourg (LU)
  • "100 Pictures for Trier", Kunsthalle der Europäischen Kunstakademie, Trier (DE)
  • "Experimental", Randegg Castle, Gottmadingen (DE)
  • "Experimental", Museum Marburg (DE)
  • "Ramboux Prize", City Museum Simeonstift Trier (DE)


  • "Gang", Gallery Borchardt, Hamburg (DE)


  • "Christmas", Kunstraum dreizwanzig, Cologne (DE)


  •  "Experimental", Randegg Castle, Gottmandingen (DE)
  • "bedtime story", Gallery Racha, Hokkaido (JPN)
  • "Christmas", Kunstraum dreizwanzig, Cologne (DE)


  • "game center", Pierre Weber Gallery, Trier (DE)


  • "mind games, Wiepersdorf Castle (DE)
  • "mind games, art society Trier (DE)


  • "Yume no shima", Gallery Racha, Hokkaido (JPN)

Chikako Kato




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