Luxcontrol, Belval (LUX)

Luxcontrol has taken on the planning of the new construction of their headquarters,  in order to move from Esch-sur-Alzette to a new six-story office building in the heart of the developing area of Belval.


The building, which will be host to around 200 members of staff, was conceived with the staff’s participation. The result is a workspace that places emphasis on the communication of its occupants.

The public ground floor, as well as being the reception space for the company building, welcomes multiple meeting rooms and a restaurant space along with an adjacent terrace towards the park which could also function as a restaurant for the Luxcontrol staff.

Luxcontrol will share access to their private two-story underground parking lot with their neighbours Strabag. The parking lot also includes electric charging stations for cars and bicycles.

The structure of the building allows for several accessible roof terraces, green spaces and a pergola on the 4th floor, all of which have an interrupted view of the new public park to the north.


The project is currently in the APD phase which is planned to come to a close in November, with the objective of starting construction in October 2021.

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