School and Maison Relais Leudelange (LUX): Phase 1

The new building of the school and Maison Relais "Faarwekëscht" in Leudelange receives the entry of its new users on time for the new school year. It provides space for 121 kids and represents the first phase of a project in two stages to extend the educational landscape in the center of Leudelange.


The conception of the school campus allows multiple rooms to be used by both school operations and by the Maison Relais. This new concept, which is following the integrated model, results in an economy of space of almost 30 percent and has been developed in collaboration with the municipality, the ministery of education, the teaching staff, the personnel of Service d’éducation et d’accueil and the architectural offices WW+ / TEAM 31.


The finalised first phase, the head building, accomodates the school restaurant, an area for the educational staff on schoolyard level, a library and four group rooms on the upper floor, as well as a production kitchen with additional fonctions on the ground floor, at street level of Rue du Lavoir. The two-storied glazed entrance area, which will represent the connecting structure later on, serves at the same time for adress generation, as an reception and as an indoor playground for the kids.


The construction works for phase 2 will start instantaneously with the aim to be finalised by the end of 2022. In the course of this, the schoolyard and exterior space will be redesigned as well.

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