Urban furniture, Bettembourg (LUX)

With the aim of increasing the quality of stay for pedestrians and creating protected spaces for passers-by and residents, we, along with the municipality of Bettembourg, developed a concept for urban furnishing and accompanied the project through to implementation, which now encourages people to linger and communicate.


After a detailed analysis of the conditions in the town centre with its relatively busy national road "Rue de la Gare", the focus was also on curbing the predominance of vehicles over pedestrian traffic.


By means of various furniture modules made of powder-coated aluminium, planters and benches, some with wooden covers, as well as bicycle parking stations were grouped together in changing combinations. By integrating existing urban elements, such as the tree population and the city lanterns, the appearance of the "Rue de la Gare" was made more friendly and rhythmic. Not only the entire length of the street, but also the square with water feature, located at the southern end of the street, was upgraded by the new street furniture.

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