Competition TUFA, Trier (D)

It is with great pleasure that we welcomed, together with our partner office Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH, a recognition of our project in the design competition for the extension of the Cultural Centre Tuchfabrik in Trier.


The TUFA is a cultural and communication centre in Trier, which was founded in 1985. After almost 35 years of operation, the TUFA premises are in need of conversion and renovation. However, in order to preserve the lively and active scene of the TUFA, it is not possible to shut down operations while the building is being renovated. In order to accomplish this objective and at the same time to enable cooperation with another major cultural project - the renovation of the Trier Theatre - it was decided to build a new event hall on the TUFA premises.


This hall will initially be used as an interim venue by the theatre. After completion of the theatre refurbishment (probably in 2025), the new building will also be available for the TUFA, while the existing building will be refurbished. After completion of the conversion and renovation of the existing building, the event hall will be used by the TUFA on a long-term basis. The new building will offer a large hall with a combined audience and stage area of approx. 450m2. In addition, there will be further rooms required for the event operations, such as control rooms, light and sound rooms, storage rooms, sanitary facilities and an appropriate foyer. The new building thus has a total usable area of approx. 900m2.


Interventions in the existing building are kept to a minimum. The jury especially praised the urban development concept, in which the new building is moved to the north-west façade of the TUFA and thus merges the new and existing buildings into one unit.




Renderings: ©Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten

Model photo: ©a:dk

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