School Extension, Schouweiler (LUX)

At the last meeting of the Dippach municipal council, the project to expand the school in Schouweiler was approved by a majority. An extension to the existing primary school building in Rue des Ecoles, which was completed in 2016, is intended to meet the growing need for additional rooms for cycle 1 ("Préscolaire"/“Spillschoul“) and the "Précoce" (day care centre). With the objective of centralising the group rooms for cycle 1, all rooms of this cycle will find their place in the building extension in the future.


The new extension connects to the two floors of the existing building. On the same level as the existing Précoce, an additional third group room will be created, connected to a quiet room for the children. In addition, four further group rooms for cycle 1 will complement the room programme on the ground floor level of the existing building. In addition to the necessary spaces to accommodate the technical equipment, the lower floor offers space for three group rooms for cycle 1, one of which can also be used as a conference room if desired.


The two floors are connected by a two-storey atrium, which accommodates accessibility for people with reduced mobility while also offering an indoor play area. If the weather is bad, the children can take a break here and relax in the niches provided for this purpose or move actively on the climbing wall.


In terms of design language and materiality, the extension is based heavily on the existing school building. Both the multi-colored facade material and the floor finishes inside the building will be continued into the extension.

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