Open Space Design 'JongMëtt', Junglinster (LUX)

Work on the outdoor facilities of the new Junglinster town centre is progressing with renaturation of the "Black Ernz" as a green belt and urban axis. The planned floor coverings, furniture and outdoor lights have been in the works since last summer. The overarching and high-quality open space concept consisting of a continuous sequence of squares running through the 3.8 ha area can already be seen.


The first zone of the promenade is taking shape, with the lining of the tree boxes and the first sections of the railing work already being finalised. In addition to the planned planting at the "Schwarze Ernz" and in front of the "Lënster Bistro ", the next step in the first construction phase of the open spaces will be to install the public lighting. In the course of the next weeks, work on the second zone of the promenade will start.


The completion of the large outdoor space is planned for April 2022.

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