Centre Convict (LUX)

On Tuesday, 20.04.21, the press conference and announcement of the winning team of the selection procedure for the future urban development of "Centre Convict" in Luxembourg City took place.


WW+ provided the organisation of the competition for client Lafayette S.A., administrator of the inventory of the Archbishopric of Luxembourg, with the definition of the strategy as well as the coordination of the whole process. Beforehand, various preliminary studies have been conducted.


The subject of the consultation has been the development and urban densification of the "Centre Convict" site along Avenue Marie-Thérèse, close to the centre of Luxembourg's Upper Town. The development of the area, which is strongly characterised by its architectural heritage (Villa Baldauff, chapel, fortress wall etc.) plays an important role in connecting the Upper Town with its surrounding neighbourhoods. 


Congratulations to the team Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes - AREAL - +IMPAKT for the first prize in the selection procedure.




Article Paperjam, 20.04.21


Img 2: ©Esther Jansen

Img 3: ©Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes, AREAL Landscape Architecture, +IMPAKT

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