Start of timber construction work at school campus, Echternach (LUX)

The concrete work on the ground floor and the circulation cores of the building of the new 'Millermoaler Schull' in Echternach is in its final stages. This is a major milestone for the project, as it means that the next phase of construction can begin immediately: the timber construction.


A construction made of glulam elements was chosen for the three upper floors that are now to follow. While being a very sustainable construction solution, it also offers the possibility of a high degree of prefabrication. The exterior walls were already insulated at the factory and provided with a weather-protective barrier. The windows in these walls were also integrated into the façade elements in advance.


By having such a large portion of the work prefabricated, the assembly time on site can be greatly reduced. For the shell of a storey, for example, this means only about eight weeks' time for the installation.


On Monday, April 12th, we had the pleasure of welcoming the College of Aldermen (collège des échevins) of Echternach in order to show the current status of construction through a guided tour on site.




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Photo 1-2:©Fotostudio Creativ

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