Completion of structural work school campus, Echternach (LUX)

The construction site of the new 'Millermoaler Schull' building in Echternach has progressed in great strides over the last few months. Thanks to the high level of prefabrication, the timber construction of the three upper floors was already completed at the beginning of October. Subsequently, the roof glazing was installed over the atrium in the heart of the building. This highlight of the building creates movement and communication zones flooded with daylight, which enable visual connections across several floors.


The exterior is also slowly taking shape: The concrete base of the building, which corresponds to the height of the ground floor, has already been insulated and clad with glass fibre concrete façade panels. Windows, exterior doors and the large-scale mullion-and-transom façade along the future lunchrooms are in their final stages.


The roof has already been insulated, sealed and covered with the substructure of the green roof, makes a major contribution to the sustainability of the building through the planned planting of areas as a solar green roof.


In parallel, the interior construction is also in full swing. A large part of the wooden surfaces will remain visible in the building and can be experienced haptically.


We are looking back on a very eventful year. Although the construction site was affected by the flooding of the Sauer River in the summer, it continues to make good progress.



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